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"Careless Whispers (2017) Album Out in Stores"

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TRACK 1: Sweet Seduction ft. Lil Waves

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Rap Verses & Saxophone 

A. Palacio: Refrain-Lyrics

TRACK 2: Till It's Time ft. I C.H.I.L.L

JM Fernandez: Music & Chorus-Lyrics, Saxophone

B. Marts: Lyrics-Verse 1-3 and Hook Licks

(B. Marts Vocals Recorded @Illegal Banter Productions)

TRACK 3: Careless Whisper ft. Mike Goyone & Flippbeauty

Lyrics & Music by: George Michael & Andrew Rigeley

JM Fernandez: Music Arrangements, Saxophone

M. Goyone: Verse 1-2, Bridge, Outro

K. Del Rosario: All Chorus, Outro

(Licensed 2017)

(M. Goyone Vocals Recorded @Powervox Inc)

TRACK 4: Touch ft. Dolore

JM Fernandez: Music, Chorus-Lyrics, Saxophone

JD Dattalo: Lyrics-Verse 1-2, Licks

(JD Dattalo Vocals Recorded @Suni Productions)

TRACK 5: Be With You ft. Evia Pugh

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Rap, Saxophone

E. Pugh: Verse 1-2, Chorus, Bridge

(E. Pugh Vocals Recorded @KEP Production Music)

TRACK 6: Love Scene

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Verse, Chorus, Rap

TRACK 7: What Am I To Do?

JM Fernandez: Music Arrangements, Verse, Chorus

(Composed by AJ Alapide former group Rhythm & Flow)

TRACK 8: Love Stroke ft. Techniquelle

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Rap, Saxophne

J. Kim: Lyrics, Verse, Chorus

TRACK 9: Victory ft. Elaine Uy

Music Originally By: Rudolpho Goyone

Mastered By: R. Goyone & JM Fernandez

JM Fernandez: Lyrics & Rap

E. Uy: Lyrics, Chorus, Verse, Rap

Music Recorded @Roro Studio

TRACK 10: Cloud Chaser ft. Ben Connor

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Verse, Hook, Rap

B. Connor: Speech

TRACK 11: Time Machine

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Rap-Sing Verse, Hook

TRACK 12: Pure Love ft. Roxxy Lady

JM Fernandez: Music, Saxophone

Roxanne: Chorus-Lyrics

TRACK 13: Addicted Sa Pag-ibig Mo

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Verse 1-2, Chorus, Licks

TRACK 14: Another Cloud (Saxophone Track)

JM Fernandez: Music & Saxophone

TRACK 15: Happy Now ft. Roro Yone, Joyce & Marco A.

JM Fernandez: Music, Rap Verse 1 & Lyrics

R. Goyone: Rap Verse 2 & Lyrics

J. Averion: Chorus & Lyrics

M. Averion: Guitar

TRACK 16: We Need Peace (ft. The Robert Theory)

JM Fernandez: Music & Lyrics, Verse, Chorus, Saxophone

R.Krismer: Bass Guitar

*Bouns Track #17 Only On CD, But out in stores as Signle

TRACK 17: I Will Always Love You

Originally by Dolly Parton

JM Fernandez: Music Arrangements, Saxophone, Piano, Guitar.

(Licensed 2016)

I WIll Always Love You by JohnRhythm

JohnRhythm- I Will Always Love You (Saxophone Cover) Music Video Original Composer Dolly Parton. Track Now Available on iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon, Apple Music & Spotify from my Upcoming Album "Deep Love Passion". #JohnRhythm #MadTalentRecords

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